Understanding the times to enhance spaces
For individuals of the 21st century, for their overall comfort and wellbeing
Tailored to perfection
From your mind, to your pencil, into reality
Using light to build spaces
With the same sound insulation properties of a solid wall
IAP Faram designs, supplies and installs premium, cutting-edge demountable wall partition systems with an emphasis on aesthetic, performing and innovative solutions.
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Acoustic performance

At IAP we have made a large commitment towards improving acoustic performance because we understand that excessive exposure to noise generates stress in the office environment and can be harmful to human health.

For this reason, we only use a special laminated glass consisting of two panes of glass separated by a PVB film, designed with the precise purpose of optimizing sound insulation and significantly reducing noise pollution in the workplace.

Find out the acoustic performance of our partitions

Rapidity, rapidity, rapidity

We take 4 to 6 weeks to design, manufacture and deliver our glass walls in the case of standard projects, and never more than 9 weeks when it comes to special projects.

Our teams of installers are highly specialized and work exclusively with IAP Faram products. For this reason, they are able to guarantee rapid installation times and millimeter-level accuracy. Throughout the United States.

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