Make your space unique

The personality and character of original solutions

We are able to create glass of any color and finish, as well as with custom graphics, to set up suggestive, elegant and refined spaces.
IAP Faram’s systems are able to assemble glass of different thickness to meet every type of need. Our noise control efforts ensure private and quiet environments.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is extremely durable and is known to be very safe. It is obtained through a strong overheating followed by an immediate cooling and, in case of breakage, it shatters into many small blunt fragments rather than larger and sharper pieces.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass owes its safety to its particular structure thanks to which, in the event of breakage, a PVB interlayer holds the pieces together, preventing the explosion and dispersion of fragments into the surrounding environment.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass is designed for the reduction of sound, its two-layer structure divided by a polymer interlayer is the most efficient system for sound absorption.

Electric Glass

Electric glass is based on a technology that can be controlled remotely or through sensors. Thanks to the application of a low voltage current, this technology causes the liquid crystals to all orient in the same direction, making the glass transparent instantly. By interrupting the transmission of electrical energy, the liquid crystals become messy, creating a covering effect.

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass allows as many possibilities as those offered by the chromatic range of all the most modern color charts. The coloring is applied on the back of the glass panel, offering elegant and versatile solutions, suitable for the most diverse environments.

Colored Glass

Glass coloring is an art that man has pursued for centuries. That sense of astonishment given by a colored transparency when it encounters light is timeless and preserves all its charm regardless of the places and possible applications.

Decorative Glass

In decorative glass, the surface can be treated with the most diverse techniques to generate very different designs, colors, textures and patterns, able to adapt to any style.