The look you need

The finish of the partition system is what makes them stand out or be fully integrated into the interior environment. At IAP we can create surface finishes of any color, pattern, opacity and gloss. You just have to choose the one that meets your wishes.

Finishing methods for aluminum

Anodizing Finishes

Anodizing is an electrochemical treatment that creates a protective coat on the aluminum surface which, in addition to preserving the metal, makes it elegant and bright.

Our aluminum finishes come in a variety of anodized colors. We provide several standard models, as well as a range of customized finishes to help create the exact look you need.

Polish Finishes

This kind of finish gives aluminum a glossy appearance. It is obtained by cleaning the surface of rough aluminum with a mechanical treatment, followed by an electrochemical process. The outcome is a bright and reflective surface.

Liquid Coatings

These finishes allow for a virtually unlimited choice of colors. The paint types are copious and suitable for different needs: acrylic, PVDF, polyester and siliconized polyester.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is obtained by applying pigments directly on the metal surface. Pigments are melted in the oven to obtain a coat that makes the finish extremely durable. Different degrees of gloss and opacity can be obtained, as well as textured surfaces.


Sublimation allows you to apply a pattern directly on the aluminum surface. In this way, the finish becomes essentially identical to a range of the most diverse materials, from sand to granite, from marble to wood, with the possibility of choosing between different types of colors and veinings.